Peter Stone : September 2004

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It was wonderful to have Steve Casey come and visit me for 10 days here in Colombia this summer. Although his time here was brief, we were able to experience a great deal together. Steve helped to lead worship both Sundays he was here by sharing two songs on the guitar. We traveled to Cali where our ministry is currently discipling and training a small group of believers who have left a heretical church and are now in the process of trying to start a church of their own.

After Cali, Steve and I traveled to Villavicencio, which is where the ministry's headquarters is located. While there, we stayed with Rev. Leonel Ortiz, who is the leader and founder of the ministry. Steve was able to see the function of the Bible institute, and also the role of the Christian school. He was also able to hear Rev. Ortiz' vision for the transformation of Colombia, and his reasons for why Christian education is so important.

Steve and I have begun discussing creative ways to advance the ministry here in Colombia. It is truly a joy to share in the vision and dream together, and I am so grateful he was able to come. Any time anyone wants to come and catch a glimpse of what is going on˜let me know!" ; only we have to talk in Spanish the whole time ˜NO ENGLISH!" :).

I will be home from Sept. 19-Oct. 18 traveling in Atl., Boston, and Knoxville trying to develop partnerships on behalf of Colombian missionaries. Let me know if you have contacts that might be interested!!! As part of this trip, I plan to visit Lion of Judah September 26.

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