Paul Jehle : Revival of what? Mind, soul, or spirit? Pick all three!

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[Paul Jehle]

For the culture to change, Christians need to change first - in all 3 areas: mind, soul and spirit. This is the opinion of Paul Jehle who recently gave a presentation at Lion of Judah. Says Jehle: Through our church history we have seen movements that have emphasized one of these 3 areas. There are some that have emphasized the external and they believe if we change the culture, then we’ll change the heart. And so we clean up areas socially hoping that the heart will change. But if we only focus on the external we miss most of revival. Because the Bible tells us your are changed from the internal to the external.

You are not be conformed from the outside in, you’re to be transformed from the inside out. Now there are others, and other movements that are only focused on the soul, the intellect, the mind, and they want an intellectual revolution. If we only change the education we just change what is taught, we focus only on the mind, then what we will have is an intellectual revival because our main problem is what people know. So if we teach enough about drugs, and we teach enough about sexual promiscuity, the more people know they more they will restrain themselves.

We have decades telling them that that doesn’t work just as we have centuries that tell us that social gospel doesn’t work. Now there have been movements of Christians that want to see revival and so they focus on the spirit and the goal is to see the spirit revive. Amen.

But the goal becomes having spiritual experience. I asked one individual, what does revival mean?, and they said to me ‘more church meetings, more time spent at the altar’, or as one person said ‘carpet time’, more time before God. We need more time before God, but that is not the totality of revival. Christians that are focused merely on the spirit for experience have found that the river that God begins to have flowing doesn’t touch the soul and never touches the culture, and it becomes revivalism. Because, you see, the goal of God is to have all 3 and it is in His order, but wee need to have a vision, a design for intercession when we begin to pray for all 3 to come forward in God’s design. Because you need to realize that the revivals in this history of America illustrate these truths.

In the second great awakening which began in the eighteen hundred and began to peak in 1806, two hundred years ago, began with a phenomenon revival touching individuals’ hearts. The world view in the mind of the believers had shifted and they believed the purpose of revival was to revive the church but not touch society. It is written by the revival preachers like Finney, and later by Moody that they pleaded with the church ‘don’t let revival stay in the church, let’s go beyond the church, it’s in the soul and the body’, but the church as a whole did not listen, because what happened revivalism began to be so nurtured in the church that the monuments to the second great awakening are camp meetings, and cottages built in circles around tabernacles. People came to experience the presence of God, it was the same God, same river, but the mind it was not touched, ending up beginning to turn that river into itself. There were actual brigades in the civil war that were called ‘camp leading babies’. These were the individuals who had been born out of wedlock during the great awakening. While the parents were in the service in the power of God, their children were out in the woods having a good time and what happened, we sold the next two generations into bondage because our idea of revival was for us. That we cannot do.




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