Lesson 4 : Seven reasons why leaders fail

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Are you all ready to start again? All right. Let’s go to why leaders fail. Why leaders fail? How many of you know people who are leaders, they go to a certain level and then keep coming back down? They go up and come down. Go up, come down. There’s a pattern of failure in leadership.

Let’s look at the first one.

1. A wrong conception of what leadership is all about.
And let me give you the blanks in a), b) and c)

  • People want to be lead inspired and challenges and not just managed.
  • People want to be shown what to do not just told
  • People want motivation and vision from leadership

A wrong conception of leadership. Since I’m at a college, let me give you a test. Earlier on I told you about what business we are in, what business the ushers are in? what business the sound people are in? What business is the choir is in? Let me see if you remember anything after lunch. What business are we in? We are in the people development business.

When you are a leader there comes a time in your life when you move from project into people, when you move from projects to people something happens in which you realize is that your job is to push the horizon. Your job is to raise the ceiling. And then you don’t confuse management with leadership, those are two different things. Leadership is about giving vision, management is making the vision work Leadership is about motivating people, management is about taking motivated people and organizing them.

So don’t confuse vision and management because once you understand that people want to be shown not just told then you start living the life in front of them. People will learn more of your leadership by observing you rather than just talking about it. So whenever you are as a leader in front of people our major responsibility is to give vision, is to give motivation, is to encourage people, is to lift people up, is to raise their ceiling, is to expand their horizons. That’s what a leader does.

A leader does not get involved in the minor details. Remember the funnel? If you get involved in all the minor details then you become the constrictor. There’s a brother over here who is videotaping this, as he’s videotaping us somebody just said to him: will you please video tape this? We didn’t tell him where to set up his camera, we didn’t tell him what kind of tape to put in it, we didn’t tell him those things, that is his business. So, a leader said: this is what we need done and then others make it happen. But you need both of them.

Somebody said: what is more important a leader or a manager? Let me ask you what is more important the right wing or the left wing of an airplane? We need both. So if I had a vision for taping this occasion but there was nobody there to tape it, I can have all the vision I want to, but it takes people to make the vision happen. And a lot of times we think that as a leader I’ve heard from God. That’s a second point, but you’ve got to take that vision and take it to the people so they can be challenged and moved with what God wants you to do.

In Joshua chapter 1 God comes to Joshua and says “Moses, my servant is dead” and then he starts talking to Joshua. Then Joshua talks to the people, then the people talk back to Joshua and then they were able to go and take the city of Jericho. Never think that you can do leadership by yourself. Leader takes all kinds of different people. This is not a solo game here. It takes all of us to work together. Everyone working together.

Paul talking to us about the church said that we are like a body and it says “every body part has a joint”. If you talk to somebody with arthritis they will tell you that their hand is fine, this part of their arm is fine, but it is the joints that give them the problem. Joint is known as relationships, so you can have a deacon who is fine, and you can have a worship leader that’s fine, but when they come together for relationship that’s when spiritual arthritis comes in. Because we don’t understand what leadership is all about.

Some people want to cast the vision and then do everything themselves and the same people who complain that nobody else is helping me because nobody is helping you, because you won’t let anybody else help you. Because you think that no one can do it any better than you. You’ve got to take a risk. You’ve got to develop them. You’ve got to grow them up, you’ve got to give them confidence and just like you and I grew up they will grow up too. The first reason why leaders fail is a misconception of leadership.

2. The second reason why leaders fail is a lack of personal growth.
Remember we talked earlier about what you’re going to do to grow yourself.

Look at number c). You will be the same person 5 years from now that you are today except for the books you read and the people with whom you associate. If you’re going to run around with turkeys you’re going to be a turkey. If you’re going to fly with eagles you’re going to be an eagle. You’ve got to determine who you’re going to hang around with. Some of you’ve been hanging around with people that have always taken you down, they’ve always discouraged you, they’ve never encouraged you. You’ve got to find the way to get them out of your life. Now, if you are married to one of those people, stay married. But if you can correct the situation, correct the situation.

There are some phone calls you have no business returning. If you don’t have the gift of discernment, if you don’t have the gift of suspicion, get caller id. You’ve got to determine who you’re going to be with. Leaders are with leaders. And you’ve got to determine who you’re going to associate the rest of your life with. How do you find leaders? One at a time. Turkeys, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, but eagles you find them one at a time, one at a time. You’ve got to look around you and say who are the turkeys in my life and you go…. And you’ve got to find who the eagles are in your life and you want to join in partnership with them.

And let me tell you one more thing about eagles: you’ve got to go and find them, they already know they are an eagle, so you’ve got to go to an eagle and say: I know you are an eagle. Can I hang around with you? Will you be my mentor? Will you teach me? Can we walk together in partnership? And that’s what you do when you find yourself an eagle. You maybe sitting next to an eagle right now. Or you might be sitting next to a turkey.

3. A severe lack of discipline.

  • excitement will get you started, discipline will keep you going.
  • undisciplined leaders won’t keep their followers for long

Discipline. Let me talk about a few minor and yet major disciplines. Number one discipline is when the alarm clock goes off “get up in the morning”. Don’t keep hitting the snooze box. Get up! That’s discipline. The Book of Proverbs teaches us this: those who lay around in their bed saying 5 more minutes, another 9 minutes, it says that poverty will come to them. A minute ago we talked about money, poverty mentally, poverty in relations, poverty in the things that you try to do. You got to get up in the morning.

Let me talk to you about another discipline. When you say to people “I’ll return your phone call”, return the phone call. You have those answering machines which says leave me a message, I’ll call you back, but you lie on your answering machine. Why don’t you be clear about it and say “I will call you back if I feel like it”? Or maybe you can say this: “If you don’t hear back from me, don’t call me back”. Disciplines. Discipline is if you say to somebody you’re going to be there 9 o’clock, be there at 9 o’clock. How many of you know that if you want to get somebody there at 9 o’ clock you’ve got to tell them 8.30? And they’ll barely get there by 9 o’clock. I’m talking about this personal discipline. Because you see, excitement will get you started but discipline will keep you going. Many of you were excited about leadership today but today will be over very soon. The only way you can remain an eagle is to implement what you’re learning into your life. Discipline.

When you’re building a church and you’re asking people to make pledges for the building fund, everyone gets excited but only people with discipline will remember to pay you. You buy a new car, you’re all excited about your new car, it smells like a new car, it drives like a new car, but next month you’ll have to make a payment and the month after that, and the month after that, and the month after that, if you don’t have that discipline they’ll come and get your car.

Excitement will get you started but discipline will get you going. Because people are coming to your ministry, they are looking for a leader with discipline. When you see other leaders leave your ministry before you analyze why they left you’ve got to ask yourself why wasn’t I able to keep them. Maybe some responsibility belongs over here because people are looking for discipline or you won’t keep them for very long. It’s easy to get a program started it’s harder to keep a program going, it’s easy to get to be number one, it’s hard to stay number one. The only way to stay number one is to cultivate some personal discipline in your life. If you were to ask me of all the things that are more important in a leader’s life, apart from the Lord and his anointing, what’s the one most important thing a leader can do? Or what’s the most important factor that will make the difference between a success and a failure? Without any doubt it is this point: personal discipline.

I know a lot of people who are very smart, I know a lot of people who love Jesus, I know a lot of people who have a good heart, I know a lot of people with good intentions, but they can’t get the job done. It takes somebody with discipline to get the job done. You need somebody you can count on, somebody who’s dependable. A disciplined person not just somebody who is going to say yes but never be able to do something. That’s why leaders fail. Is this making sense to you? Are you all awake? Or do you need to slap your neighbor?

4. A refusal to change.

  • growth can be terrifying, uncomfortable and cause a temporary loss of security but without it we die.
  • growth is a choice.

You’re going to make some choices today. Even as you’re listening, even as you’re taking notes you’re making some choices. And the choice is whether you’re going to follow through or not.

I remember when I was pasturing down in Michigan we had a lady preacher by name Judy Urban who used to come and hold the Bible for us. One year she came to our church and as she was praying for people they were falling down. Now, that had never happened in my ministry and so one evening, just before the evening service I had a deacon, his name was Kurt, Kurt and I were in the church lobby, and he said: pastor, what do you think about all of that? When she prays for people they fall down. I said: I don’t know. He asked me: Pastor, have you ever fallen out? I said: No. I said to him: Kurt, have you ever fallen out? He said: No. End of conversation.

Service began, I introduced her and I came down and sat where the brother was sitting. Towards the conclusion of her message, she looked at me and she said to me: Pastor can I pray for you? Now, what am I going to do, say No? So I came up there, then she looked back there, right at Kurt and said: Sir, can I pray for you? So we are two standing up here. You know, I’m a Pentecostal and we have a prayer posture, when you don’t know what to do you close your eyes and you put your hands out like this. I don’t know what you do but that’s why I did. Then I said to myself: I know what she’s been praying for people but she’s not going to push me. I know my right leg is stronger than my left leg so I got my right leg behind me and I bent my left knee a little bit, like this, had my hands out, had one eye close and the other eye open, the Bible says: watch and pray.

She started coming towards me, I closed the other eye, when I woke up I’m laying there on the floor, I looked to my right and deacon Kurt is laying on the floor. Now my challenge was I didn’t know how to get up. When you go out, that’s one thing but when you get up you’ve got to do something spiritual as you’re coming up, so I’m laying there on the floor thinking how do I get up now? I’ve seen people get up you know all….. I didn’t know how to get up. I finally you know just kind of got up… But I learnt a lesson at that time, that growth is a choice.

We come to church sometimes and we choose not to receive God’s word, we choose not to be a blessing to somebody, that is why at the end of a service the preacher shouldn’t have to beg people to come, people got to make a choice, the food is here come and get it, you don’t want it don’t come, you want it then come on down. You and I have some choices to make. Some of you are choosing right now to go to the next level, make those choices and then keep those choices. Amen.

Another reasons why leaders fail is number 5.

5. A breach of trust.
b) Do not promise if you don’t intend. Once people lose trust in you it’s very hard to regain your trust. How do people lose trust? It’s very simple, this is not complicated, somehow you promised them something and you didn’t deliver it. 23 years ago when I promised my wife that I was going not to mess around with another woman for fear of instant death. I made her a promise and she trusts me and I trust her. Now how can I lose that trust? By breaking my promise.

When you make a promise to the pastor that you’re going to be there at 10 o’clock in the morning, that’s a promise you make, when you break that promise you lose trust. It’s not difficult to understand trust. It’s an easy way to understand that once you make a promise you need to keep that promise. Because when you don’t keep your promise you lose trust.

There’s some people that you know, they’re good people, you love them but you won’t trust them with important stuff because they’ve broken their promises too many times and they always have a good excuse, they always have a good reason: traffic is always bad for them, if you know traffic is going to be bad in Boston leave earlier.

Let me ask you: let just say I was to say to you tomorrow morning at 10 o’ clock if you come to the Lion of Juda I will give you 100.000 dollars, just an example, just an example…. 10 o’clock. What time you’re going to be there? Some of you are going to spend the night there, all of Saturday night. You know why you were on time? Because what you were involved in you thought that was important. When people are habitually they are saying something to you: you’re not that important. What you’re going to do is not that important. I’m talking about people who are habitually late and don’t let these people fool you as to that’s who I am. Oh, no, no. For the 100.000 dollars they’re going to spend the night in the parking lot. It is whatever they think it’s important.

So you’ve got to make up your mind: you’ve got to decide in your heart as to what it’ll take to make people understand that what you’re doing is important. Because the more you excuse this kind of behavior the worse it gets. The same people who are late for church are on time on the job on Monday. You know why? Because they fear their boss more than they fear God because they think that the standards of the world should be higher than the standards of the church.

I’ve come back to tell you today that the standards of the church should be higher than the standards of the world. Don’t you be late tomorrow morning. If you’re late you’re a turkey. So if someone comes late tomorrow to church just look at him and say: gobble, gobble, gobble. There’ll be people in your church who are not here today and they won’t know what you’re talking about that’s the fun, just look at them and say gobble, gobble. They’re going to look at you and say What’s wrong? Just smile at them and say: gobble, gobble.

6. Another reason why leaders fail is the leader has a failure to look ahead.
I’ll just be 30 seconds on this one. Let me review one more time. A leader makes changes at point a) or at point b) which one? a). Turkeys are saying b). All the eagles are saying a). You’ve got to look ahead.

7. A very important resaon: A failure to deflect praise.
A good leader never assumes credit. A good leader never says, this is what I did. You what a good leader does? He says, Sandra did this, Eric did that, Omar did that, Greg did that, pastor did this. They’re always giving praise away. When you give praise away it’ll always come back to you, but if you walk around saying: I did this and it’s all about me, then you are gobble, gobble. But an eagle looks down from way up there and says I can’t do it by myself, it took a lot of people to do this and then you give praise to different one and then you thank God for people, because we understand that it takes a whole lot of people to make one thing happen.





Que Dios les bendiga siempre y los fortalesca con su Espiritu Santo. Amen. Me gustaria recibir la leccion:Siete razones porque los lideres fallan.

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