Lesson 2: Four vision levels of people

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So that takes us to the vision level of people on the next page. Now, different people have different vision levels, all of these people are saved but they’re not necessarily leaders. There are some people who have a real heart for Jesus, but they can’t get along with people. They’re always in trouble with people, they cannot talk to people, they cannot build a team, they always want to be number one. So there are different levels of leadership and different levels of visions.

1. Wanderers
So let’s look at the first one. Some people never see it and they are wanderers. Some people never see it, in your ministry, in your department, in your leadership there are people that will never see it. They’ve been coming to church for 45 years, they still don’t see it. They’ll just never see it. Now, if you try to show them something they can’t see, they say it’s much your fault than theirs. You know, I don’t understand Portuguese. If pastor Miranda should talk to me in Portuguese, no matter how anointed he is, I’m just going to look at him because I don’t have the capacity to understand. So make peace with some of the people in your church, they’re good people, they’re going to heaven, there are nice people just don’t put them in leadership, they won’t get it, they just don’t see it. They never have, they don’t and they won’t. So don’t frustrate yourself with them.

I have a dog at home, that dog will never sing. It’s a good dog, I love my dog, I spend money on my dog, but that dog will never sing. Some of you in leadership get so frustrated, get so frustrated, understand, but he can’t understand. No comprende.

The second is: some people see it but never pursuit it on their own. They are followers. About 80 to 85% of your church are followers. Now, you got to get this point. They are your hardest workers but you’ve got to understand something about that, they can see it, they can understand it, they agree with you but they don’t have initiative to follow through. So if you make an announcement and you say to them after the service is over, please sign up in the church or call the office, they’re not going to do it. They agree with you, they believe in you, they think you are the leader but they don’t have the initiative to go put their names. But if you went to them and said to him: Brother Miranda we are having a project, we want you to help us with that, he will immediately say yes. He wants to do it, he can see it, but he doesn’t have initiative to pursuit it. And most of us miss out on the best opportunities because we are waiting for people to volunteer. The best people will never volunteer, that why I don’t ask for volunteers. You got to know your people and then you ask people what you want them to do. Jesus didn’t ask for volunteers, He went and recruited people one at a time, one at a time, recruited them.

Any time you ask for volunteers usually the wrong people will volunteer. People who hate children will volunteer for children ministry. People who can’t sing will volunteer sing in the choir and then you’ve got a second problem, now that they have volunteered how do you unvolunteer them. I mean how do you fire a volunteer. So my suggestion to you is: select your leaders, in the second case they see it but they would not pursuit on their own and that is why you’re the leader, because you can pull them in. You ask them. You recruit them, you train them, you develop them, you call them, that’s what Jesus said, He said: you did not choose me, because that’s what volunteers do, but I have chosen you.

3. Achievers
There’s a third section of people. Some people will see it and pursuit it, they are achievers.

4. Leaders
Let’s look at number four. This is my definition of a leader. Some people see it and pursuit it and have others see it. They are leaders. Help others see it. They are leaders. In this room there are people who will see it and they’ll pursuit it but that does not make you a leader. The only way that I will know that you’re a leader is if you will see it, you will pursuit it, and have others see it. That means the notes that you’re taking, the material you have in your hands if you’ll take it and put it to your house, you’re not a leader. But if you take this material, and you brush it up and then you teach somebody else, that’s what makes you a leader. That simply means this that when you see it, you know, when you pursuit it, you grow and when you have others see it, you show. So, you know, you grow and you show.

May God empower each one of you to take the material in your hands and show as many people as possible and that is how you develop a team.

We’re getting ready to take a break. There’s a saying there in your notes that says this: everybody stands under the same sky, but everyone’s horizons are not the same. Some can see ten feet, some can see ten miles. A leader’s job is to push their horizons a little further so they can see a little clearer. That’s all I’m doing today. I’m not giving you anything new, I’m not giving anything real deep, my task today is to push your horizons so that at the end of the day you can say: I can see more now and because I can see more I can pursuit more and because I can pursuit more I can show more. I’ll be a better leader because I can see more.

I travel a lot, hundreds of thousands of miles a year, last Thursday I was in Minneapolis, Friday I was in West Palm Beach, today I’m here, next weekend I’m in New York, I travel a lot. The airline pilot says this to us: the visibility is poor, we can only see one mile. When he says visibility is poor, I start praying. I start confessing my sins, my sins from yesterday, my sins for today, and the sins I plan to do tomorrow. But then there are days in which he will come on and say: visibility is wonderful. We’re getting ready to land. That’s what I’m talking about, as a leader if you can see far enough you can plan to land your plane, but if you can’t see far enough you’re going to circle the airport and not be able to land your plane. May God help us to move our horizon further, further, further.



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