HERC March 2005 : The Boston HERC Addresses the Director of the President’s Faith-Based Office

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The Boston Higher Education Resource Center (HERC) was one of two organizations chosen to address Jim Towey, Director of President Bush’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives on March 18.

Mr. Towey was in Boston to become familiar with the work done by the churches, faith-based organizations, and community-based organizations funded by the Boston Capacity Tank (BCT), the nation’s largest recipient of a federal Compassion Capital Fund grant. Mr. Towey asked to the BCT to feature a set of organizations that best described the impact of the CCF on New England. Of the over 100 organizations to whom they awarded sub-grants, the BCT featured two organizations: the Boston HERC and the Boston Learning Center.

Following brief remarks by Mr. Towey at a gathering of organizations funded by the CCF, Boston HERC Director Sam Acevedo and Luke Moughon, a SuperMentor, were given a few minutes to describe the transformative work done by the Boston HERC at the Congregación León de Judá. Luke described how he challenges his mentee to achieve academic excellence, and how he has shared his faith with W., another mentee. W., who was recently released from DYS lock-up, scored over 1250 on his December SATs and is applying to several colleges.


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