First Visit: Directions, Staff and Doctrine

The new face of faith

On a December morning, the polished sounds of bongos and electric keyboards emanate from Congregación León de Judá, a 1,500 member church in an ethnically diverse Boston neighborhood. It's a mainline American Baptist Churches congregation, though maybe not one prior generations would recognize. Read More »
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Contact Info: Congregation Lion of Judah

Address: 68 Northampton Street, Boston MA 02118
Office Hours: Weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm
Phone: (617) 541-4455
Fax: (617)541-1357

Schedule : Weekly Activities

Sunday 8:30 Prayer
Sunday 9:00 Worship Service I
Sunday 9:45 Children Sunday School I
Sunday 11:00 Adults Bible School
Sunday 12:00 Worship Service II
Sunday 13:00 Children Sunday School II
Monday 19:30 Prayer
Wednesday 19:30 Midweek Worship Service
Thursday 19:30 Cell Group Meetings
Friday 19:30 Cell Group Meetings
Friday 19:30 Youth Meeting (12-18yrs.)
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