Dr. Roberto Miranda : Speech given at Massachussetts State House November 19, 2006

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[Dr. Roberto Miranda at State House Rally]

Listen to Dr. Miranda's passionate speech as he once more demands from the Massachusetts legislature: "Let the people vote!" Contact Brandt Gillespie at praytv.org or via e-mail at PrayTV@aol.com to obtain a DVD with complete coverage of the State House rally.

Transcription of Dr. Miranda's presentation:

Good afternoon, my name is Roberto Miranda. I am a naturalized American citizen and I am proud to be here defending our Constitution and denouncing injustice, no matter where it comes from. I am honored to be here with you this afternoon.

There are a lot of things that we have said about as we stand here today. Our legislators who sworn to represent us and to uphold our Constitution, have brazenly ignored our rights as citizens and chosen not to vote on a fundamental issue that will affect our children, our families, our educational system and the very moral foundation of our common wealth.

They have resorted to a cowardly political maneuver and have cynically manipulated the letter of the law in order to avoid the spirit of the law. They have resorted to mechanical maneuvers and technicalities in order to deprive us of our right to make our views felt through our votes.

They have chosen to ignore the fact that we respectfully followed the process that the Constitution lays our for us. We went to the streets, to the churches and to the homes of this common wealth and we collected the largest number of petition signatures in the history of Massachusetts. We were misled into thinking that if we followed the law and the constitution our legislators would do the same, and if nothing else be convicted by the eloquence of our success and allow us, the voters, to express our preference on this important matter.

Today, however we stand here empty handed and disenfranchised, fighting hard not to become cynical and hopeless about the profits of democracy and tolerance in Massachusetts.

Why would our legislators succumb to the temptation to violate so openly the rights of a significant sector of Massachusetts’ voters? They did it because they felt that they could do so with impunity. They feel they do not have to fear our reaction at the polls and so they took the path of least resistance. They did it because as the gay community’s newspaper cynically proclaimed, they owe the homosexual lobby to the tune of one million dollars in political donations and they needed to pay up. They did it because today in American politics the group that raises the most money, displays the most skill in manipulating the letter of the law and navigates images as opposed to substance often gets its way, despite the lack of merit in its case.

But what should anger us the most is the shear hypocrisy that has been displayed by the gay activists and their lobbyists. They portray themselves as victims but in this case act as oppressors. They cite civil rights as the foundation of their struggle, but without hesitation pressure the legislators to suppress the civil rights of others. Through this unethical action the gay community has shown that they are as capable of carrying out the same oppressive tactics and willful trampling of the Constitution and of the rights of others, that they accuse their supposed oppressors of perpetrating.

Through this machiavellian behavior gay activists have lost whatever high moral ground they may have occupied at some point. Today we occupy the high ground, both physically and morally, we declare that. Many of our legislators on the other hand, have seriously damaged their credibility and any claim they might have to being on the side of constitutional justice or impartiality.

They only positive thing I see in this situation is that it illustrates graphically what we have been saying all along. Mark my words, the gay marriage issue is merely the tip of the iceberg. Behind this movement is an aggressive, invasive, politically sophisticated and powerful movement that will exploit every avenue available to it in order to advance its expansive agenda.

As we have already begun to see, the alliance between gay activists and legislators will be ruthlessly used to advance the homosexual agenda in our schools, our work places, the social service sector and eventually our homes and even our churches.

If this outcome serves to wake us up and energize us, then it will have been worth it. If it forces us to become more vocal and more involved and perhaps less innocent, perhaps something good will come from this.

We must call, listen to me, we must call our legislators and put pressure on them to fulfill their obligation to let the people vote.

Let the people vote. Let the people vote. Let the people vote. Let the people vote. Let the people vote. Let the people vote. Let the people vote.

I would ask the following question. If the gay activists are so sure that this issue is no longer an issue and that the people of Massachusetts have moved on, why are they so intent on preventing us from declaring our position and allowing us to vote. What are they afraid of. What are they afraid of. What are they afraid of. What are they afraid of. What are they afraid of.

We must call we must call our legislators and put pressure on them to fulfill their obligation to let the people vote. We must denounce in every way possible this crass violation of the people’s rights and make sure that our petition receives the attention and the respect it deserves.

Even though their actions suggest the contrary, gay activists claim the people have moved on. In the next few days we must show them that they are wrong.

Our cry during the next few days must be clear and insistent. Let the people vote. Let the people vote. Let the people vote. Let the people vote.

God bless America.



Eli & Aprilis Hernandez would like Pastor Miranda to know we are covering him in prayer as it relates to this process. "Let the people vote!!!!"


Gary Corshia of the new testament church of cedarville We are Praying as the words of are dear Martin Luther King We shall overcome. let every tongue confess that jesus christ is lord praise be to the lord of heaven and earth amen and amen holy spirit fall upon new england today let the church sing a glorious song again to you :)

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