Dr. Roberto Miranda : Master Plan Presentation Feb. 9, 2006

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Over the course of the past twelve months, as we have presented the Master Plan Initiative in various places, and have undertaken initial efforts to implement it, it has become necessary to present the original vision in a more focused fashion, and to express the basic purpose of the Plan in very concrete, specific, concise terms. What follows is an attempt to do this.

The vision/mission of the Master Plan is to promote functional unity and spiritual vitality among churches in New England in order to impact all sectors of secular society with the values of the Kingdom of God.

The Master Plan Initiative is predicated on a fundamental prophetic intuition, that:
a) we are on the verge of the most powerful, transformative spiritual revival this nation has ever seen; and
b) that as a result, God has released a special grace and anointing on whatever efforts the corporate Church undertakes to establish the sustaining infrastructure for this great move of the Spirit.

This energy that God is releasing upon His Church needs to be harnessed and channeled into specific efforts. These efforts will be directed to all those domains of society from which basic power and influence flow. Some of these domains are: the Church, government, the educational sector, youth, media, the marketplace, the Arts, the family.

In order to accomplish this, the Master Plan Initiative must pursue and facilitate the achievement of three fundamental goals:
i. the spiritual vitality of the Church in New England
ii. unity among believers
iii. an enhanced organizational effectiveness within the Church

I. The first goal, spiritual vitality, will be achieved by:

  1. unifying and coordinating the dispersed efforts of intercessors across the region;
  2. promoting periodic gatherings of intercessors for strategic prayer and fasting;
  3. promoting a movement of coordinated prayer and fasting all across New England to help usher in revival;
  4. sharing spiritual intelligence and prophetic insight among intercessors;
  5. planning and executing large scale events that will bring together believers for:
    • worship;
    • intercession and fasting;
    • vision casting;
    • prophetic declaration and impartation;
    • the formation of a common outlook and bonding;
    • training for effective action; and
    • recruitment of leaders and resources for revival.

These efforts will lead and build momentum toward a culminating, New England-scale Solemn Assembly before the 2008 Constitutional Amendment Referendum on marriage. During this Assembly, involving believers and official representatives from all the New England states, we will worship, fast and take communion together, issue a formal declaration of repentance, covenant with each other for unity and evangelistic action, reclaim the historical covenants that have been established all over New England, and formally claim the region for Christ and his Kingdom.

II. The second goal, unity among believers will be accomplished by:

  1. organizing increasingly larger gatherings of pastors for fellowship, prayer and strategizing;
  2. organizing ever large gatherings of churches for prayer, worship, and vision casting.
  3. creating a formal network of participating churches and organizations that will make a and b possible, first on a state level and gradually on a regional level;
  4. creating a website that will serve as a virtual connection for communication, sharing of specific information, strategizing and vision casting;
  5. issuing repeated, heartfelt declarations of actual revival that will encourage believers and motivate them to action and sacrificial participation in the efforts of this Initiative;
  6. facilitating influential leaders from across the region getting to know each other, sharing their visions, talents and resources, and promoting coordinated work among them.

III. The third goal, enhanced organizational effectiveness, will be realized by:

  1. reducing ministry clutter through identifying common energies within the regional Church and bringing them together for team building and coordinated action (i.e., intercessors and youth workers);
  2. capitalizing on the experience, resources and leadership of major Christian organizations in the region (Vision New England, Emmanuel Gospel Center, Campus Crusade, Intervarsity, colleges, seminaries, etc.);
  3. promoting formal communication and coordinated work among major Christian organizations in the region;
  4. periodically gathering major regional leaders for cross-pollination, vision sharing, team building, sharing of information, prayer and mutual encouragement, and the acquisition of a common mentality;
  5. engaging in systematic, strategic planning to facilitate revival (planning that looks at the process of revival from a long-term perspective, is proactive, breaks down the overall effort into separate, specific projects, and coordinates all the component projects toward a single common purpose.
  6. capitalizing on the energies of anointed Christian leaders with training, gifting and experience in strategic planning, management and systems thinking.


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