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[Pastor James Jorgensen]

Pastor Jim Jorgensen has been in full time ministry since 1993 He and is the President of Sound the Trumpet Ministries International, a missions agency that is affecting local and global communities through youth and children’s, medical, and construction outreaches, as well as, bringing forth the heart of God through the apostolic, prophetic and worship. Pastor Jorgensen has a powerful prophetic and preaching trans-local ministry throughout New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

A gifted prophet and preacher with the anointing to impart vision and develop the talents of others; Pastor Jorgensen maintains an affinity for imparting words of vision and direction to the body of Christ both corporately and individually.

Pastor Jorgensen grew up in Brooklyn, New York and went to school at Valley Forge Christian College, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Ministerial Studies. During his time of study he met his wife Daphne. After getting married and returning to New York, Pastor Jim and his wife served as elders at Resurrection Church in Brooklyn, NY from 1983-1993. He was then ordained as a full-time missionary in 1993 and sent out with Daphne and their two children, Debra and Kristen, to the Dominican Republic. Upon arriving to the Dominican Republic, Jim gained immediate recognition as a prophet and was used as a main catalyst in starting the La Red Pastoral Network, which is currently the largest network in Santo Domingo, representing a few hundred churches and covering 20 apostles.

In 1996, the Jorgensen’s founded Sound the Trumpet Ministries International. During their stay in the DR and currently, this agency is being used as a tool to bring many pastors, prophets, apostles and other servants of the Lord to build this network and other churches. Upon their return from the DR in 1999, the Lord called Pastor Jim to travel throughout the Northeast translocally doing what he did in the Dominican Republic. He has mobilized many short term mission trips that for the last five years have effected the Dominican Republic, Spain and Puerto Rico in a tangible way.

Rev Jorgensen, his wife, Daphne and their three children (Debra, Kristen and Derek (born during their time in the Dominican Republic) continue to reside in Albany, New York. Pastor Jim continues to lead Sound the Trumpet Ministries International and has brought more than 260 short-term missionaries to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Spain since the year 2000. Daphne is a professor at the University of Albany and soon will complete her doctoral studies. Debra (20) is in her junior year at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY. Kristen (18) is entering her freshman year at Emerson College in Boston and their son Derek is 12 and is going into 7th grade at Farnsworth Middle School in Guiderland.

Note: A video and transcript of pastor Jorgenson's sermon given at Congregation Lion of Judah in Boston on September 3, 2006 is available here.



All the word that God gave me through Pastor Jim had been fulfilled. I believe God's word, in Him we have to trust and only in Him, every body else are human that wants to service God but they are not God. I believe Pastor Jim wants to service God and be use by Him, however God is the one that had the power and He decides through who He will work, and He used Pastor Jim through prophecy in my life. God bless everyone.


I have been blessed by this man of God for years. My husband and I are living out words he gave us in 1997. He is a sincere man who loves God. May people be warned to watch there words for god will hold us accountable.


This man gave many TOTALLY FALSE prophesies to SEVERAL people i know, as well as pushed people over while claiming they 'fell' over in the spirit. He also tried to take over a prayer group that had nothing to do with him. Watch out!


This man "healed" me on multiple occasions and I still have the same health problem. He's a part of why I'm an atheist today.


Only Jesus can heal, my prayer is that Holy Spirit will touch you, that your heart will be softened, that you may know that God's heart towards you is love, and that his plans for you are good.




Bendecidos!!!!! Mi nombre es Jaime Gonzalez mi esposa y yo vivimos en Fort Lauderdale Fl. Nos guataria ponernos en contacto con el pastor Jorgensen. Hace años le conocimos y compartimos con el en Santiago(De donde somos originalmente), Republica Dominicana ,en la iglesia Congregacion Cristiana, Pastores Vilma y Lucas Rojas Rojas y tambien en Puerto Rico. Nuestro e-mail es Gracias


Hello! My name is Patricia Pena. I went to Santiago Christian School in Dominican Republic. I met Pastor Jergensen before. He went to our church a couple of time. I am the daughter of Pastor William Pena and Ruth Pena. I would love to get in contact with you and your family. my email is Blessings


Dios le bendiga! Me gustaria ponerme en contacto con el Rev. Jorgensen. Gracias....Sandra (


Hi, What a blessing pastor Jergensen is to the body of Christ; how do I get in touch with his ministry. I would love for him to come and engourages us at New Life Assemblies of God in Haverhill. We're desperate for the vision that God has for us. Lelo-

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