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Samuel Chand: “I was born and raised in a pastor’s home in India, a Pentecostal pastor’s home, so people want to know how did you get saved. My dad just beat me into salvation. The Lord allowed me come to the United States in 1973. I heard about Beulah Bible Heights College in Atlanta, Georgia, I wrote them a letter telling them that I was interested in coming. They sent me a catalogue and an application form which I completed and they accepted me. Once they accepted me then the more important thing began.

For an international student to come to America you have to have an American sponsor. I didn’t know any Americans but there was an American couple from Pasadena, California who had come to our church for Sunday night service. In those days I used to play the accordion. They sang, I played the accordion for them, they were the only ones I knew. So I wrote them a letter saying: Dear Bob and Vivian, I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I’m the young man in India who played the accordion for you. I would like to come to Beulah College, but they need somebody to support me. They’re looking for 1000 dollars, you pray about it, if God allows me to do that, I’ll appreciate that. I didn’t know what they were going to say. The worst answer would have been No, but I’m used to that. So they wrote me back about two weeks later saying: Sam, we remember you. We’ve already sent a check to Beulah College for 1000 dollars. Thank God.

And so I came to Beulah College. 1973 was a good year, but then 1974 happened. In1974 America experienced its first oil crisis. I know right now gas is 200 dollars a gallon, but in those day you could not even get gas. Are anybody here from that day that you remember you could not get gas? About 10, 12 of you, in those days if you wanted gas you had to stand in line according to your gas tag, the odd and even. It was during that time that inflation was double digit in America, unemployment was very, very high, the lowest mortgage interest were 18, 19%, so during this time Bob, my sponsor, lost his job in Pasadena. So he wrote a letter to Beulah saying; can’t help Sam anymore. So that’s no good news because I have heard rumors that if you don’t eat regularly, your body goes one place and your spirit goes another way. And I wanted to keep my body and spirit together.

I thought to get a work permit, so I went to the INS office. Most of us in this room know about our friends in INS, and in those days there were no jobs. So they refused me a work permit, but I still needed to eat, so went up and down the street that the college was on. I would knock on their doors: can I mown your lawn? Can I reap your yard? They’d say: go away. Then I’d say their favorite word “free”. They’d say: what do you want? After I’m done just fix me a sandwich, and that’s how I made it.

There was a groceries store about a quarter of a mile from the college, it was a small groceries store about this size of the building, and I went over there and talked to the food manager and said: do you ever through food away. He said, I through food away every day. Then don’t do that, that’s not good. How many of you remember Tombstone pizzas, the frozen tombstone pizzas? And I asked them: do you ever through those away? I through those away. So I fixed up an arrangement with him: I would pack them really carefully, then I’d walk with him to the parking lot. There was a big dumpster trash can in the back and he would take those and through them in there. Then he would back inside the store and I’d jump in the trash can, get my pizzas out, come back home.

I’m saying that to you for you to understand that I was not born with all of this stuff. The first time I was hungry was not in India, the first time I was hungry was right here in the land of plenty. It was during that time that the college offered me a job of a janitor, so I became their janitor. Then they also asked me to cook breakfast and be their dishwasher. It was during that time that one day I was in the office picking up the trash of the secretary, her name was Brenda. She was a student from Michigan so as I was picking up her trash I looked at her and I went: mmmmmmm And so I became a regular trash picker of her. I picked up her trash, many, many times every day. After 3 years of doing that she saw some gifts in my life. She said: you know, he can take out the trash, he can cook, he can do dishes so she offered me a full time job opportunity and she is now my boss. In fact tomorrow we will have been married 23 years.

I’m still carrying out the trash. You know, over here on this platform I’m doctor Chand, at home I am: Hey, carry out the trash. My wife does something very special for me every Saturday: this year I will be doing conferences like this all over the country for 47 weekends. Brother Eric Moon travels with me, he’s my assistant. What Brenda does for me every Saturday, I’m in a different hotel room somewhere, she prays for me over the phone and I want to tell you what she prayed this morning. She said: God give Sam physical strength because he’s tired but most of all anoint his spirit so when he speaks people will be moved by it. She said Holy Spirit give them the gift of connection so even if he’s speaking in English and using a translator, the word of God will still be powerful. Alleluia.

And then in 1989 the board of the college invited me to come back to serve them this time as their president. Thank God. Thank God. And I think there’s a leadership lesson somewhere in there, because the scriptures inform us if you’re faithful in living then He will make master over much and so it doesn’t matter what you’re doing in your ministry, be faithful in it, be faithful in it, be faithful in it because God’s got a plan for your life.

Because see, the service there were ushers over here a little while ago. Their service is as important as anything I will do today. The people who got you the letters to invite you to this conference, if they had not been faithful in their jobs, we wouldn’t be here today. But because they were faithful, we are here today and that’s what I’m saying. Be faithful. Be faithful.



Loved your word yesterday at Sydney, you certainly hit home with " fasten your seat belts and ................" .No other message is more apt for the turbulent times that the World and in general what humans are going through in everyday lives,God bless you and you family enormously : ))


Dr. Chand God bless you. Your messages at Destiny Summit were amazing. I am 20 and have been inspired by your story. Thank God for people like you. You bring the bible and the gospel to life. Indeed there is power in the name of Jesus.




Hi Dr Chand
Hope you all well.
I've attended the south basin church and you were phenominal.I've been very inspired and motivated by Nicholas and You. Keep up the good work:) all the best in everything you do.
God bless!


Dear Dr Chand
I heard your message yesterday 10/03/2013 on TBN streamed from Rivers Church in East London SA. I live in Durban SA. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony and for your inspiring message. I needed to hear that. I am so touched and so blessed. My children and my name is BREAKTHROUGH and we have YES on my lives. Your message means so much to me. You had my attention with every word you preached.
I am going through some stuff at the moment and was feeling low but not anymore.
Thank you Dr Chand.
I am trying to obtain some of your books and I know I will be further inspired and blessed by them.
May God continue to bless you and your family so you can be a blessing to others.
Thank you
God Bless
Dyrban SA


I saw you on Sunday at Siloam Ministries Johannesburg.
Your sermon was brilliant, yet so simple. I walked out of church never to be the same again. Thank you for be a blessing to the body of Christ. God Bless




Dr. Chand, your insights regarding leadership and determining a church, non-profit or business culture is a God send to churches and leaders everywhere. I was encouraged and inspired by your presentation to the Friendshipwest Baptist Church leadership conference participants.


God richly bless u. I was touched by your sermon on breakthrough. Very powerful and inspiring. God continue to use you mightily to bless lives.


Dr.chand you gave the correct and perfect today in the morning seminar @ christ temple thank God for your life,then every individual shld watch who is holding your ladder for you and every leader shld give their subordinates the chance to perform to see whether they can perform when or not.thank u very much. LOKKO accra


Your story is so amazing. I am so happy that our pastor has invited you to speak at ICGC during this year's Destiny Summit in Accra,Ghana



if the my senior pastor can praise u then u are reli anointed by God .... i personally can wait to hear u on our coming summit 2012... destiny summit 2012.. 12th November to 16 November.....I.C.G.C Accra-Ghana
i cant wait
i cant wait
i cant wait ooooo...


Dr Samuel R Chand Your Preaching is Terrific. I Heard you preach Last Night and you spoke about the Reality of What's Happening in the world today. Who's Holding your Ladder is a Lovely Topic. Thanks for Coming to South Africa, Durban. It was a Pleasure to Have you in Durban irrespective of the weather. May The Love of Christ be with you. Thanks and God Bless!


Its A Pleasure to have you in Durban. I heard you are a Wonderful pteacher. And we must Thank God for you. God Bless u!


thanks Dr chand for coming to planetshakers in melbourne australia your message was amazing.

God Bless!


Thank You sir, for through your message that was held in New spring church at 45 Isaac John GRA Lagos I was able to known
that in helping others to success I will succeed also. Thank u sir.

Favour Yusuff Nig


I'm looking forward to seeing you in Promised Land, RCCG Ajah-Lagos.


Can't wait to see you minister at Daystar Christian Center, Lagos Nigeria Today. Receive Grace.


sir i heard u r interview on tbn last day . it was amazing and truly touching. may god bless u


Hello Dr. Chand, so glad you would be visiting lagos, nigeria, @ daystar christian ctr...heard so much about your excellent leadership skills, looking forward to you been a blessing to my life...welcome to nigeria!


Heard you last night at Harrell's Christian Academy. I've heard a LOT of commencement speakers including Neil Armstrong, but you are the best I've ever hears. My grandson was in that graduating class and I'm certain he learned a lot from that address. So did his grandparents, parents uncles, siblings, etc. You had me at "Hello!" MCH


I attended the recent leadership conference in Phoenix, South Africa. Thank you Dr. Chand for your inspirational take on leadership issues affecting the Church. I have indeed been challenged. Good Pastors aren't necessary good leaders.....God wants to raise up a company of people who are purposeful, powerful and accurately positioned to advance his Kingdom.

Anyone wanting to connect / network with me, my e-mail address is

David Joshua (Associate Pastor - Hosanna Ministries)
Durban, South Africa


Hi Dr. Chand

I was fortunate enough to attend your seminar on Saturday, here in South Africa, Merebank.
i have never ever heard anyone speak like you before, you have really challenged my life and what i have to do for God and the kingdom.
I pray that God will continue to favour you with this gift you have and i hope to be apart your teachings again soon.

God Bless.
Natasha Moodley


Wow what a testimony. I will be seeing Dr Chand in a few days at the Influencers conference in Adelaide. Im sure we will be blessed. The key thing to all this is be faithful to God in all things and to your superiors at work or anywhere. If you are faithful in little then you will be given more.

God bless,


Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. It was truely inspiring. I can relate to the path God set you on. May God keep you and continue to bless you for your obedience.


Thank you for this: Hope.


I was so bless to hear you preach and teach at New Birth Church in California. I glad that my Bishop Carl Smith invited you out to our church to be a blessings to all of us. A message and experience i will never forget. And when you see me on TBN one day, I will not forget to mention your name:) God Bless You!


I saw you on TBN yesterday. My attention was first drawn by your accent. I have a spot in my heart for SE Asia. I have been to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Southern China visiting the tribal people through our church's Work and Witness missions. But my desire is to go to India. (I may be too old before I get the opportunity)Right now I have a "facebook friend" named Dr.Solomon Christie who is working very hard to help the poor and orphaned children. I see you have facebook page and wonder if you could find him and make him your "friend" too. I am told over and over not to just send money to anyone who has no affiliation, so have not sent him anything, but I want to. Maybe you could "check him out" for me. Thank you.
(P.S. It was not just your accent; I really liked what you said.)
Linda Mehrer,
Prosser, WA.


I'm been blessed listening to you. May God continue to bless you so you can bless the lives of others.

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