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Many of our English sermons are available as audio streams. Click on a sermon title below to listen. If you are interested in the (mostly Spanish) sermons given each Sunday at Lion of Judah, please click here.

Date Speaker Title Length
090125 Bishop The DNA of CLJ (Luke 6:37-38)

34:45 min
080510 Johnson Weak or strong?(Video)

30:09 min
080510 Obesina Baby Presentation

17:48 min
080426 Thomas Crossing Over: Faith in the Covenants of God
, (Video)

75:21 min
080412 Miranda Sacrifical Giving: Investing on behalf of the Kingdom 23:10 min
080329 Acevedo Becoming a true disciple
, (Video)
, (Transcript)
42:34 min
080315 Johnson Getting Back to the Gospel (Romans 1:15-17) 62:41 min
080308 Miranda Fighting for the land beyond your own backyard
, (Video) , (Transcript)
59:01 min
080301 Bishop 12 Baskets Full (Mark 6) 42:17 min
080223 Miranda Bartimeus 39:30 min
080216 Miranda Phil 4 45:22 min
080202 Miranda Phil 4:6-8 for all God's people: 'As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.' 50:58 min
080126 Johnson Matt 18: 15-20 for Today. God's formula for His people to restore relationships with each other and with Himself. 63:33 min
080119 Jorgensen Obeying the supernatural call of God 56:46 min
080112 Miranda How prayer and thanksgiving overcomes anxiety (Phil 4:6-7) 35:16 min
080105 Miranda Let your gentleness be known to all men (Phil 4:5) 38:29 min
071222 Miranda Listen 51:42 min
071215 Acevedo Listen 58:20 min


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