Appendix : The Gay Marriage Issue


The gay marriage issue looms large before us, especially considering that in 2005 the Constitutional Amendment proposal must once again come before a closely divided Legislature. Our first task should be to devise an appropriate strategy for the months ahead. This should include:

  • Continued encouragement to churches to call their legislators at the time that might be most appropriate as the second constitutional convention approaches.
  • Identify four or five legislators who have voted contrary to what their districts might be inclined to support and find a way to put pressure on them to change their votes.
  • Support candidates running against legislators who have voted for gay marriage and who are willing to vote in agreement with us. Provide volunteers to help in their campaign and help in any way we can.
  • Issue press releases on our activities regarding this issue.
  • Organize a couple of large public events designed to keep our opposition in the public’s attention.
  • Organize a prayer and worship event around this issue; perhaps two in major geographic areas of the state.
  • Prepare a strategy well ahead of time for the last three of four months leading to the constitutional convention, to ensure that we don’t find ourselves undertaking frenzied, disorganized activity at the last minute.
  • Distribute effective, well-written literature in neighborhoods all over the state regarding homosexuality and gay marriage. Present the Christian position in general language that can impact the unchurched.
  • Gather key leaders to discuss and determine the strategy to be followed in a half- day retreat, or perhaps even a full day that will include prayer and fellowship in a retreat center that is centrally located.


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