5 : Modest beginnings


I am aware that this kind of language immediately sends up red flags in some people’s minds. The thought of committing to support a far-ranging assortment of actions and initiatives, all of which we may not be in full agreement with, arouses legitimate reservations in many of us. Furthermore, talk of exploring the idea of a body of elders for the region may be even more alarming. The thought of throwing our lot with individuals and groups which we regard with a certain amount of skepticism may also induce wariness.

These thoughts are certainly legitimate, and should be taken into account. They certainly call for a degree of modesty in the beginning, directing us to coalescing around elements that unite rather than divide, concentrating initially on such things as prayer and worship, celebration, and public displays of the unity of Christ’s Church. Evangelism should certainly be high on our agenda. Youth-related initiatives should also be considered, planned and undertaken relatively early on. Marriage and family related events should be planned and well attended. A long-term media strategy to give visibility to the activities and purposes of the Master Plan should be delineated. Events to hear the voice of God’s people as it reflects on the elements of the Plan should be organized regionally. This would also help to build momentum, and to generate enthusiasm at a wider level. The strategic thinkers of the Church should be brought together through specific events to strategize and reflect on a long-term, encompassing level, and to provide an over-arching framework for the entire undertaking. Issues and specific actions and approaches will need to be identified and placed in their proper order of urgency and importance. Task forces for each major aspect of the Plan will need to be organized, and the individuals to constitute them identified. General gatherings for these groups to report will need to be convened. All these activities will need to be lubricated with generous dosages of collective prayer and worship. As the necessary cohesiveness and trust is generated, other more delicate matters will need to be pursued.


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