3 : Massachusetts' Strategic


In the light of the scenario that has been sketched out, Christians in the state of Massachusetts must ask ourselves what God would have us do in this strategically important time. We are at a crossroads.

What happens here in the next couple of years will decisively affect our nation and ultimately the world, given the cultural influence of America. This state and the surrounding area played a fundamental role in the establishment of the spiritual and governmental foundations of this country. From here, a fire was started that spread all over the world and has affected world history for the past 350 years. That fact assigns to this region a prophetic significance and a level of spiritual authority unequaled in the rest of this nation. Satan has warred mightily against this region, and has effectively neutralized it through the influence of principalities of rationalism, humanism, intellectual pride and spiritual arrogance. Massachusetts, as well as all of New England, has become a cemetery of churches, a breeding ground for heretical doctrine, and intellectual furnace energizing attitudes of godlessness, rational arrogance and secularism It is no coincidence, of course, that something as dramatically distant from the Christian worldview as gay marriage would be originated in this region.

Heaven and hell are dramatically at war in this region. Satan has staged a spectacular first attack, and the Church’s reaction remains to be seen. Our last-minute, defensive measures in March were nothing more than a desperate attempt to stave off disaster and shore up crumbling walls. If we lose this war, the moral and spiritual deterioration of this nation will proceed at an unprecedented pace. There are victories that are so powerful in their symbolic and strategic importance that they go well beyond their immediate, apparent significance. This is such an instance. The acceptance and celebration of gay marriage has such revolutionary implications for the human psyche, that it makes possible and even natural the contemplation of practically every other moral perversion. We must draw the line here.


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