2 : The Present Scenario


The events surrounding the gay marriage crisis have dramatically illustrated how far the culture has strayed from the values of the Judeo-Christian worldview. We clearly see, not just a state, but an entire nation that is on the brink of completely breaking away from the moral and spiritual moorings that have sustained Western civilization for thousands of years, and that are largely to be credited for many of its greatest achievements. A small but growing minority, highly adept at manipulating the levers of politics, the arts, media and mass psychology has gained a hugely disproportionate influence over the general culture and has in effect reduced the majority of the population to silent, helpless contemplation of its dramatic conquests.

Major decisions affecting the very structures and foundations of the social order are being made by a handful of activist judges and government officials at various levels all over the nation, while the legislative process is circumvented or artfully manipulated in order to make it extremely difficult and laborious for those who are opposed to resist. The illegal gay marriages celebrated in San Francisco, New Mexico and New York, the active resistance of key individuals in authority to act to stop these actions, illustrate the urgent, complex nature of what we are facing. The willful violation of marriage laws in Massachusetts prohibiting those who live out of state from marrying here, spearheaded and supported initially by the mayor of Boston himself, only serves to reinforce the idea that a very powerful minority in this nation are so convinced of the rightness of their cause that they will manipulate and resist the laws of this nation and the will of the majority in order to impose their agenda on an impotent, divided, undefined public. Now that they have gained an immense, dramatic victory, they will be bolder than ever..

As a demoralized opposition becomes even more timid and retreats into silence or mere prayer, as legislators who are continually smelling the wind in order to determine their own actions go over to their side and incorporated their views into laws, the situation of all those who disagree with this turn of events will become increasingly difficult. We will slowly be painted into a corner, isolated from effective public discourse and imprisoned within the walls of our churches. Even there, however, we will one day be prevented from exercising the dictates of our beliefs and conscience, as biblical expression and practice are legally construed as hate speech, incitation to violence and violation of the civil rights of others.

These thoughts, somber as they are, are familiar to most of us Christians by now. The question is, are we going to impotently stand by wringing our hands, as this vocal minority, which is really more fragile and less overwhelming than it seems, tramples over our life and rights and gains control over us and our children? We can no longer count on our politicians or our democratic process to defend us. The mechanisms of public discourse practically have been taken away from us. A vast portion of the population waits silently on the sidelines, easy prey for decisive voices, uniformed and undecided, morally and spiritually immature. A small but influential sector of the Church has plunged avidly into apostasy. Another sector of the evangelical world has been reduced to inaction through various mechanisms: guilt over America’s civil rights past and fear of again being on the wrong side; biblical illiteracy, fear of institutional reprisals fear of conflictive situations, simplistic eschatology, and exaggerated inappropriate desire to model love and meekness in the face of unmitigated evil – the list could go on. Our potential effectiveness has been further eroded by denominational and stylistic differences that make it extremely difficult for various sectors of the evangelical world to come together for any kind of concerted, long-term effort. Others remain inactive out of a perverse sense of glee in seeing the culture corrupting itself and bringing closer to realization the images of the book of Revelation.


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