10 : Conclusion


As we can see from the preceding comments, much critical work remains to be done in the months ahead.

The path to success is arduous and fraught with many obstacles. As with any significant endeavor of this nature, success does not really depend on material resources or our level of strategic, organizational acumen, although these are obvioulsy important. It will rely more on issues of character, attitude and spirituality on the part of the leaders of this effort. If we are able to generate the proper humility, faith, team spirit, patience and tolerance for each other’s gifting and passion, then perhaps this noble attempt stands a chance of eventually succeeding. In the end, as has been suggested before, we must acknowledge that it really depends on whether this is the vessel that God is presently chosing in order to channel His will for revival in Massachusetts and New England. Though we have no way of determining this with absolute certainty at the outset, it is certainly worth a try.


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