I am a former member of Leon de Juda, my family and I live in Florida now. I have come this week to Boston on a business trip only to find out that a close brother and former usher of your church is now suffering from a terrible illness. I dont' know if you are currently in touch with him and his family, his name is Ernesto Gonzalez.

I recently visited him at the hospital and it was very dificult for me to accept what has happened to him. However, I take hold of Gods word when he said to Martha(Lazaro's sister) when she did not want to remove her brothers tumb stone; "Have I not said that if you believe, you shall see the glory of God", and I believe!. I know in my heart that God is all powerfull and that he can restore a man such as Ernesto Gonzalez, who served the Lord so many years and that has a family that would give anything to have him back to normal. His testimony for the glory of our God, can touch and bless many!.

This is why I think that if you could arrange for a group of men from the church could join me to visit him before I leave, together we can pray for him and share Gods transforming word with him. The Holly Spirit confirmed to me that this would be good for our brother Ernesto while reading Job 2:11-13. Please reply to me via e-mail at atlantic.carlos@bellsouth.net and may God continue to bless you and Leon de Juda.

I will be here two more days before I have to return to Florida, but please contact me if you think this is something that can be arranged before I leave, my heart is certain that you and your church will be blessed. I have missed your teachings and everyone at the church all these years, even though from time to time we hear your sermons online. God bless you and your family.


Carlos Sandoval

p.s. Pardon my spelling.


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