Three moments stood out to me from Solemn Assembly. It was in these moments that I felt the greatest release in both the environment and in my heart of Spirit inspired hope and conviction.

1) During the time of repentance Pastor Sergio of Harvest Ministries of New England openly confessed his drifting from his first passion as a young convert for constant evangelism, with tears he expressed his renewed desire to return to that place. I was profoundly affected by his humility and heart for the lost. I felt the heart beat of Jesus in that moment. I believed this began to open up the door for true personal repentance and not just corporate identification. These type of acts of heart-shaking personal repentance have undoubtedly been a key in every major revival I have read of.

2) This door opened more widely through the young people that prayed from the stage. They were obviously carrying a tremendous passion and burden for their generation that Pastor Paul Jehle had accurately presented as being almost completely post-Christian. The brokenness of the young people especially one of the young woman revealed and hopefully imparted the Father heart of God for this lost and oppressed generation. I would have liked to have stayed in that vein for a longer period of time. A prolonged time of reflection and a meeting-wide time of personal repentance would have given a great opportunity for the Holy Spirit to impart the heart of God to us. I doubt many of us (including myself) left that place truly broken. I expect this theme to re-emerge as we continue to gather to pray.

3) At the end of the time of repentance, it was two young, black ministers who I believed released an impartation of the Holy Spirit as they prophetically proclaimed a victorious deliverance for the church and our generation and lifted us into place of faith and expectation for the future. Their ability to inspire hope in the hearts of the participants there was truly contagious. I do not believe it was coincidence that God chose to use these two young men who in some ways represent the youth of our inner cities who many in our region have given up on and lost hope for. I felt it was prophetic symbol of a great Exodus like deliverance that will take place for our generation. As a young church planter who has worked in a mainly white environments on college campuses in Boston, I am looking forward with great expectation to God-ordained opportunities for greater collaboration between myself and these young emerging black leaders. I believe they will play a large role in the release of the coming revival.

One suggestion is that at the next Solemn Assembly we have a team of leaders that can briefly interview people as they come to the front to pray. This will enable them to send people to the microphone who will complement and flow with what has been just been prayed/prophesied. Words and prayers that do not fit into the current flow can stay at the front until the leaders sense a shift in the flow of the meeting. We can then release these people who have been waiting to the microphone.

In love,

David W. Hill, 26
Fenway Church


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