I'm very happy that Leon de Juda has a web page now. In March 2004 when I was looking for information on the church service times, this page didn't exist and when I called the office's main number, it didn't say the service times. This page is really helpful and interactive. I have a suggestion that when Babies are presented to the Lord during the service, that the Pastor should call them out each by name and specially bless them and put his hands upon them as he calls their name and presents them to the Lord. This will make the moment more meaningful and God will hear us calling this child's name out to him. As I've learned in the sermons here at this church, it is important to "speak out" to the Lord. During the August 29 children dedication/presentation to the Lord, it will be really nice if the children are called out by name. Also, in past occasions when children have been presented to the Lord, it sometimes felt like the process was a bit rushed and like the occasion was almost forgotten. Presentation of babies is very important and if I may suggest, should be be planned a little more better into the service - not waited until the end. Thank you Leon de Juda and Pastor Miranda for your great love and for making this church so welcoming.


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